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Biofield Imaging                       

I have worked with Biofield imaging for over 20 years and find it a very useful tool in showing people where they have imbalances in their energy or 'qi'.

Areas which are out of balance or blocked, can show as 'pools' of red or thick red lines. Areas which are more balanced show as green or yellow.

I will show you when you come for a scan where your energy is out of balance and where it needs to be balanced. You will be able to see for yourself the improvements and changes in the light on and around you as treatment progresses.

For more information see www.biofieldimaging.com

If you are interested in the BioField Reader imaging system for your own Clinic or Practice I can demonstrate the system for you and am happy to talk to you about how the system may benefit your business. I also have lots of previous research which I can share with you.

To book a biofield imaging session or demonstration of the BioField Reader software with Jane Solomon please contact:

Epping Physiotherapy Clinic, 267 High Street, Epping, Essex, CM16 4BP UK.

Tel: 01992 561112

Appointments are usually for one hour, on Saturdays, 

Fee £40

Longer appointments (2-4 hours) are also available.

Email Jane at enquiries@resolutions.org.uk if you have any queries

 Biofield Imaging Leaflet Page 1

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Here are a couple of examples of scans taken before and after treatment with Reiki and Acupuncture.

Biofield Imaging Scan taken before treatment


Biofield Imaging scan taken after Treatment

Biofield Reader scans taken before and after acupuncture